Done Right Refinishing gives new life to bathtubs, sinks, vanities, tile and kitchen countertops without the cost of remodeling and replacement. In just two to three days, homeowners and commercial property owners realize the benefits of having like-new kitchens and bathrooms that increase value and the living/working environment.

How are We Different?

We feel that each project is unique and demands a unique solution. We work closely with our customer’s to analyze and recommend the appropriate services to fit their needs. For example, some tubs may need to be stripped, while others simply need to be restored.

All Companies Are Not Created Equal

It is very important to ask questions of a contractor and learn more about their services and their approach. Done Right Refinishing provides complete restoration using a time-tested etching process that leaves bathtubs, sinks or kitchen countertops like new. We never cut corners.

What you’ll find with many other companies is that they “paint” damaged bathtubs, sinks or kitchen counter tops, and do not refinish them. Our “triple adhesion” etching and bonding process is unmatched, providing a chemically hardened coating that’s durable and aesthetically appealing.

Hardware & Caulk Removal

Not all bathroom refinishers remove caulking or hardware and spray right over the bathtub with hardware still attached. Done Right Refinishing always removes hardware and re-caulks to provide a professional quality of work.


If a previously refinished a tub or tile is failing, it should be chemically stripped to its original surface prior to any new refinishing. Most refinishers simply sand around the failed area and apply their coating over the remainder of the failed coating and this cheap shortcut is not the correct method to ensure long-lasting results. Because stripping can be a time consuming process that demands special chemicals and protective safety equipment, many refinishers will skip this process and leave customers with a product that will ultimately have to be redone again.

Experienced Service

We take pride in each tub, sink and countertop project we do. Each technician is properly trained to provide the highest quality work to meet our customer’s satisfaction. With over 15 years of experience serving central Florida, Done Right Refinishing is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and experienced consultation to help customers make educated decisions about their needs.

Plus, Even More Reasons!

  • We can tint any of our coatings with any color, making it easy to choose a color that coordinates with your décor.
  • Refinishing allows you to stay environmentally friendly. Unwanted tubs are often dumped into landfills when all that’s needed to restore them to pristine condition is restoration.
  • Tile behind stoves and sinks can be contaminated with grease or mold and look tired, old and in disrepair.

Our wealth of services gives us an opportunity to not only help with refinishing kitchens and baths, but provide other home improvement services such as drywall and painting that upgrade homes and commercial properties.
Done Right Refinishing is a locally owned and operated business that serves all of Central Florida including Brevard, Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Volusia County. Business owner David Silvernail personally supervises and completes all work.

Hotels and Real Estate Property Owners

  • Bathroom tub, sink and tile refinishing is an affordable, effective way to make bathrooms look like-new.
  • Choose tub and sink refinishing to restore hotels bathroom and they’ll look great for your guests.
  • Hotel guests often leave online reviews about their stay, and focus on key points such as bathroom cleanliness.
  • Hotel managers and owners can improve customer satisfaction by improving the quality of their bathrooms.
  • Bathroom tub refinishing saves 75% on construction costs and can be efficiently implemented across multiple hotel rooms.

With over 15 years experience in the bath resurfacing industry, we can finish refinishing jobs efficiently across multiple hotel rooms. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your hotel bathrooms.